Young polyglot

The theme: Young polyglot

The aims: to motivate learners to speak three languages as well as true polyglots, to develop their reading, writing, speaking and creative thinking skills, to encourage them to express themselves in good English

Use of visual aids: an interactive whiteboard, different kinds of pictures, coloured balloons, diplomas and gifts.

     The competition is conducted in English as it is organized by the English teacher. The teacher greets guests and participants and presents the name of the competition and its aims. Then she invites two presenters who are eager to conduct it.

1st presenter: Good afternoon, dear teachers and participants! We are glad to see all of you! Welcome to our today’s competition called “Young polyglot” where our learners from 5 grades are going to compete with each other!

2nd presenter: The competition consists of 3 rounds. In the first round participants introduce themselves in Kazakh. In the second round they read their essays in Russian on the theme “My school”. In the last round they present their PowerPoint presentation in English on the theme “My family”.

1st presenter: Now it is time to get acquainted with jury who will assess our participants.

The jury is introduced to guests. The presenters wish good luck to each of participants.

2nd presenter: We have got acquainted with our jury. Let’s start our competition.

The first round. Presentation in Kazakh. In this round participants introduce themselves in our mother tongue and they have 5 minutes for that.

1st presenter: Let’s welcome to Serdaly Aiya. She is one of active and creative students in our school. Aiya has taken places in lots of republican and international music competitions. In her free time, she likes singing, dancing and reading books in English. 

2nd presenter: Thank you, Aiya! It was fantastic! Our next participant is Kaiyrbek Nazar who is also in the fifth grade. Nazar decided to take part in our competition as she wants to show you what she is able to do. Let’s meet her!

1st presenter: We thank Nazar for her good presentation. Let me invite the next participant – Nurbekova Gulnaz who can think quickly, dance beautifully!

2nd presenter: Gulnaz has lifted our mood with her nice presentation and good dance! The name of a beautiful and talented girl who is not afraid to express herself in several foreign languages is Minazhat Aikhanym! Let’s call Aikhanym and enjoy her presentation! 

1st presenter: Thanks, Aikhanym. You may take your seat. Let’s welcome to our last participant – Kenzhebai Umit who is eager to introduce herself to you! The feature of Umit is that she can speak three languages very well. She wants to be an interpreter in the future as she thinks it is the best profession in the 21st century. So, how is she going to introduce herself? Let’s watch!

2nd presenter: We thank all the participants and move on to our next round –Reading essays in Russian on the theme “My school”. This task was given as homework to you. 

     Presenters call participants and they start reading their essays in Russian one after another. After that, essays are given to the jury. They evaluate each of them by assessment criteria paying attention to writing style, meaning and accuracy. 

      The third round is a PowerPoint presentation in English on the theme “My family”. 

Learners in turn come to the board and defend their presentations.

When the competition is going to be finished, one of the presenters says:

Our competition is over. I ask our honorable jury to give their total marks and announce winners.

  • Good bye, thank you for your participation!

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